William Church Buss

Robert William Buss

Septimus Buss

Arthur Clement Buss

Robert Buss

Michael Buss

Jon, and baby Zac

The Buss Family

Families with the name of Buss are now to be found all over the world. They seem to be riddled with family roots researchers. This is my contribution to the cause.

I cherish the hope that in course of time I may be able to re-establish links with other sections of the tribe which have long since been forgotten (the links, not the tribe).

Many of the characters in the following pages were quite remarkable people. But only Frances Mary Buss has been well biographized, since she was the Founder of the prestigious North London Collegiate School.

Her Father, Robert William Buss, was also a remarkable person, but no full account of his life has yet appeared in print. That will be one of my objectives on this site. R W Buss has his own website here!

Then add to my list of intentions his son Septimus (my Great Grandfather) and Arthur Clement (my Grandfather). I have a large amount of original, unpublished material from these men which deserves to see the light of day.


R W Buss married Frances Fleetwood thereby bringing rich Fleetwood heritage into the Buss line. Since I have a considerable amount of Fleetwood materials I am expanding these pages to enable Fleetwood research. In particular, see the Fleetwood Pedigree here. There is much more to be added.

Any help you can give me with extra sources, fragments of family tree, news of current Buss whereabouts, etc, will be warmly appreciated.

Michael Buss

Updated October, 2015
Santa Ana, Southern California

About the pictures

These are the male generations of Busses descending from William Church Buss down to me, and beyond. All will retain the name of Buss. There are other equally special members of my family, but slowly their surnames either morph into other names by marriage, or they branch off into their own lineage.

We have this image of William Church Buss, 1778-1871, because the artist, RW Buss, frequently used his own father as a model in his paintings. Here he is depicted as a grumpy old man with gout (which you would see in the full picture) giving a frosty reception to a would-be suitor for his daughter's hand in marriage; or maybe just an unwelcome guest!

My son, Jonathan, is pictured here with my grandson, Zac, born in February 2016. He is the direct descendant of all the Busses pictured above him. He has two older sisters, Lottie and Tilly. Lucky fellow!